2 thoughts on “Another new axe!”

  1. Not sure I undertand the pun – but then I’m not a guitarist. I also suspect this is a splitting maul rather than an axe – but I’m no expert so may be wrong.

    Whatever – it’s a superb tool, and I just love the fact it has a stand to go in!

    1. The pun, such as it is, is merely that axe is a synonym for a guitar. On a guitar forum when told someone has purchased a new axe it is interpreted rather differently than on a bush craft forum.

      Look… I never said it was a good pun!

      You are also quite correct that it is, in fact a splitting maul. However according to wikipedia (which knows everything) a splitting maul is a form of axe:

      Jenny asked me whether it is possible to split hairs with a splitting maul… she just doesn’t properly understand pedantry.

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