A photo collection of twentieth century telegraph poles


OK. It’s not a collection and it’s nothing to do with the telegraph. However it is a photo, it almost dates from the late twentieth century and it is a pole. It’s a power pole to be exact. It was located on a campsite I recently visited and I rather liked the huge switch that can presumably be used to cut of all power to the nearby village.

I know. Pictures of poles are not that cool. I don’t care. It’s interesting to see how big a switch has to be even for a ‘baby’ pole like this.

Of course as a photographer I wish I’d remembered to take a shot without the pole. It would have been a good donor image for a sky replacement!


2 thoughts on “A photo collection of twentieth century telegraph poles”

  1. I find myself compelled to comment. What can be said about a picture of a power pole? I should think anyone who has use of a such a device, especially one with the ability to cut off all power to the nearby village, should exercise their abilities very carefully.

    On a related topic – I was always a little bemused by the men who drove vans proudly labelled ‘power rod’. When I was younger I thought that would be an awful lot to live up to – now a bit older, I wonder if such things go in the ‘all mouth and no trousers’ category?

  2. Ah, that’s a spring-loaded, manual, three-phase air-break switch – probably 11kV, though possibly 33kV. More than that, and the switch would require SF6 gas arc suppression.

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