My first diddly bow

This is a picture of my first ever diddly bow. It was constructed from ash and is primarily made using an axe with a little help from a saw and a knife. The axe is even used to drive the tuning wedge. Can you tune your instrument with an axe?


I set this up at a recent bush craft training weekend (which was, as ever, an excellent weekend). You can tell I was listening to the training because I identified the tonewood used to make it by the fungus growing on it. This is not a recognised techiniue for identifying a guitars tonewood!

It was tuned to F3 although I only checked this on the last day and didn’t know this as I was playing it. Talking of which it is not terribly easy to play largely because the string is so far from the ‘fretboard’ that the parallax effects means you only play in tune if you get your head in exactly the right place.

Nevertheless it works! Also for those of you who know where we were camped its still there ready to be played by the next visitors.

I’m already making plans for another, slightly easier to play, model construct from a dead branch.