The Egmond Project – Introduction

After my uncle’s sad, and rather too early, passing away I recently inherited a guitar project. Basically the guitar said something to me from the first photo I saw of it, perhaps because semi-acoustic basses really aren’t very common. It went from a passing whim to a potential project when my dad unearthed a cigar box full of all the guitar hardware that changed the body and neck from being firewood into being a viable project.

So now there is something potentially wonderful in my garage. It just needs a little time spent on it. Everything I’ve got is shown in the picture below, both main bits of guitar together with a cigar case containing all the missing hardware, right down to the strings.

Looking more closely at the box of bits is interesting.

In there are all the bits and bobs that need to be screwed, nailed, wedged and soldered together to bring the guitar back to life: pickups (one of which needs repairing), tail piece, machine heads, circuit components, switches. So far I’ve not thought of anything missing.

I have spent some time trying to work out why the guitar was taken to pieces. Was there something wrong with it? Certainly the bridge overs some clue that I might end up having to do something about the neck.

Those massive grooves really shouldn’t be there. It’s like they were cut to account for a neck that was practically falling off. However I’ve looked very carefully at the joint and I don’t see the problem. When properly tightened it sits at what looks like the right angle and doesn’t want to move much.  I guess I won’t find out until I buy a new bridge and try and bring the strings to tension.

For now I have concluded the guitar was in so many bits because my uncle was planning to refinish it. When someone takes so much of the hardware off it can only really be to get down to the wood! For me that’s terrific news, because it suggests it was playable and will fit back together again!

So there it is… a project. I’m looking forward to it.