The Encore project – Introduction

Recently I allowed myself to be given a very old beat up Encore strat copy. The idea is to have something that is provably worthless to mess about with as a confidence building re-finish project.


Somebody has attempted to refinish this guitar before and failed in quite an extreme manner. The body, originally black, is still just as black but has a weird tar like coating on top of the slightly cracked original poly finish. It must have looked better before they started work, simple because I haven’t found much underneath that I wouldn’t have been happy to address with nail varnish and T-cut. In the picture below that big rectangular patch on the side is some of that charming tar. From the shape I can only assume the new paint reacted badly with the glue of some stickers.


The scratch plate is almost worse. It looks like it is coated in tipex…


This last pictures is a close up of the controls that shows the edge of the scratch plate nicely. Its actually a three ply scratch plate but you can hardly see the black middle ply in places.


Oddly the neck is actually in a pretty good state. Not only that but I was actually pretty stunned by its build quality (let’s just say I was not expected great things from this guitar). The wood of the fretboard is a bit cheap (and not stained enough) but the main wood of the neck is sufficiently pretty and the frets are really quite well finished. Its a fairly nice profile too so when I can get over my prejudices it doesn’t feel that bad to play.

The body? Not so much, they’ve put the money where is shows and put the MDF were it doesn’t! I had at least hoped for plywood (like my old Epiphone SG) so I could play about with transparent finishes. Not to be, so it goes…

Anyhow, ideas for how to refinish would be cool. I’ve more or less given up on the idea of a trans finish. I did briefly toy with doing an “industrial” finish of incompletely sanded back black poly next to very dark stained MDF under a tinted transparent finish. I might learn something doing that but I suspect what I would learn is not to put half sanded MDF under a transparent finish…