Washburn Mercury Series Tonewood

This is my recently acquired Washburn Mercury Series Tonewood electric guitar. Its a limited edition run from the mid nineties, with a mahogony body and a maple neck. As far as I can tell its entirely stock with its original coil tap on the bridge pickup controlled by the push-pull tone knob.

As you can see above the colour of the wood depends heavily upon the lighting. The final two photos, which were taken in the shade, give the best impression of the instruments real colour.


2 thoughts on “Washburn Mercury Series Tonewood”

  1. I have a few Washburn Mercuries. Love them! If you ever think about selling this one, please let me know. It’s beautiful!

    1. Thanks for the comment. Al,hough i must say that this one won’t be on the market any time soon. I likes enough to fiddle a bit and put a coil tapped ‘bucker in the neck position. It’s a terrific and very versatile instrument.

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