The Egmond Project – Update #1

The restoration/reassembly of this lovely old guitar is coming along nicely. I spent a good half hour the other day working methodically though the box of screws, pickups, electrics and hardware until I was sure I know what each screw was for. It turned out to be quite complex jigsaw, made a lot easier when I realized that the screws for the machine heads didn’t actually match (which is why I couldn’t find 16 identical little screws).

I also spent a fair bit of time with the bridge. As you can see on the photo below I needed to sand it down a bit to match the curvature of the guitar.

With the bridge feet set up to avoid damaging the top of the guitar I had all the bits ready to string it up and see what other adjustments might be needed. When I first strung it up I realized I would have to cut slots into the saddle to get the string spacing right (not quite sure how I overlooked that). So finally yesterday I was able to bring the guitar into a playable condition.

First impressions are pretty good. Its fun to play and sounds much more like a double bass than my electric basses. I understand the tapewound strings contribute to this.

At this stage I’m not quite ready to start the rewiring as there remain a few drawbacks. Some of this is just finishing what I started. The truss rode needs a little more tuning now the strings are at tension and I need to shave several mil of the bridge. I need to shave of a little more from the feet, a little from the saddle and then take the rest from the middle section.

The other issue is that the strings don’t quite run parallel to the fretboard.

Most of what you see in the picture above is actually caused by the bridge being incorrectly sited. However there is some play in the neck joint meaning I can pull the neck and bring the strings completely straight. The neck joint has odd single bolt plus one light duty woodscrew construction which I’ve not seen before and I haven’t yet decided whether or not to try and wedge it. I’m going to leave that decision until the bridge is at the right height.

Nevertheless I pleased with the progress so far. It’s bags of fun to play acoustically… looking forward to starting on the electrics.