21st Century Bushcraft

Some time last year, during a Woodcraft training weekend, I attended a bushcraft session on twisting your own rope. The instructor informed us he had gone out in a coracle to cut the reeds we were using. On that basis, given I don’t own a coracle nor have any idea where to take it, I didn’t expect to get much opportunity to exercise my newly acquired bushcraft skills.

It turns out I was wrong…

What you see above is a guitar lead and a headphone lead in one made by twisting together two strands using exactly the same techniques as the rope making workshop I went to!

By combining the two leads together I can move around pretty freely when I’m playing guitar through headphones. My previous attempt to combine the two used insulating tape which, as it aged, became sticky and horrid. This is much better.



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  1. I’m old enough to remember when the cable on electric bedside lamps was made like this – two single cores twisted together. I wonder if that idea came from rope making too?

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