DIY GuitarCam build

The GuitarCam mount is a camera mount that is attached to the headstock of a guitar in order to take photos and videos looking along the fretboard. It is good for video. Especially so now that the classic youtube pose of a man with no head playing three quarters of a guitar (with the rest out of shot)  is getting so bit cheesy.

The design is not mine, it comes from John Clarke of John Clarke Music. In even the idea of the idea is not mine! I picked it up from another member of The Guitar Grounds guitar forum. Nevertheless I did go to the trouble of actually building it this is what I’ve come up with.

A guitarcam mounted on an acoustic guitar

Having read John’s article once I built the mount from memory rather than the step by step guide. Unfortunately this means I rather overlooked the recommended length for the camera arm and as a result my arm is a little short. As you can see from the still picture below  you can see too much background and not quite enough guitar. should be pretty easy and I have plenty of scrap wood lying around.

Self "portrait" taken with my first GuitarCam build.

Videos will have to wait until I’ve done the tweaks since the left hand it a bit too big when its near the nut. I’ll also have to brush up my timing a bit…